sexual people have no right to police asexual people’s identities 

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i can’t believe quizilla is shutting down… now how am i supposed to find out what anime elemental girl i am or who my yu-gi-oh boyfriend is

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sorry babe i couldnt afford an engagement ring but heres a meme i printed out and taped to a rock


i said a while back that i would do a follow forever and i’ve finally done it!! my absolute favorite blogs are listed here. everyone on this list has made me smile several times (in personal situations and just general appearing on my dash) during my time on tumblr and?? they deserve everything go follow all of them please thanks!!


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ugh please don’t try to make asexuals feel any less asexual just because they have sexual fantasies

aces have the capacity to think about sex and be turned on by things but that doesn’t mean they want to follow through with that shit so please stop

yes please try to understand the difference between not feeling sexual attraction towards others and having a sex drive and fantasies. This is a hard thing for some ace’s to understand themselves since it can seem contradictory we can understand why it seems wrong. Everything in our bodies is the same as everyone else, we have a sex drive and we can feel sexual pleasure and can come but it’s not a big deal to us. 

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Dragon age: origins

Dragon age: awakening

Dragon age: inquisition

Dragon age: Miami

Dragon age: Special Victims Unit

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*doesn’t do homework and hopes for the best*


"but inquisitor, how do you expect to save thedas from destruction if you spend all your time in skyhold redecorating and throwing sick parties with your friends?"

"i’m sorry no more questions at this time"

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